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MJ Delivery

Marijuana Delivery in Anaheim

Looking for marijuana delivery in and around the Anaheim area?  Look no further.  You've found the best source for legal marijuana delivered right to your door.  Just make sure you're over 21 years old and you have your ID (Driver's license, State Authorized ID, or Passport).  We offer safe and reliable marijuana for medical and recreational use to discerning connoisseurs that want the finest buds around.

Legal Marijuana for Recreational Use

With the recent legalization in California of marijuana for both recreational and medical use, it’s never been a better time to get your weed delivered right to your door safely and legally.  Strict regulations mean that you can be sure that marijuana products acquired from dispensaries meet health and safety standards set forth by the California Department of Public Health.  This regulatory body ensures that the marijuana that you purchase will be safe from pesticides, mold, and microbiologicals, and heavy metals.  The regulations also require that all products are tested by outside labs to ensure accurate potency and that the marijuana products are child-safety packaged.

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    Buds, Edibles, or Concentrates


    A marijuana flower gets its name from being the seed-bearing part of the plant and is one of the most widely known forms of cannabis.  When a plant buds it produces some kind of fruit with seeds in it. In cannabis, this part is also where the highest possible concentration of THC is discovered. Indica or Sativa are the two base strains of cannabis, but there are hundreds or even more crossbreeds of the two with THC levels ranging from 30 to 35 percent.

    Since the THC (the active ingredient) is predominantly in the tightly housed budded area, the plant is commonly dried.  Then the leaves, stems, and seeds are separated.  What remains are the valuable buds that are then consumed using a pipe, joint, water bong, or vaporizer.

    Smokeys MJ Delivery offers a variety of items, and we try them all. We have bargain offerings on different classifications of cannabis all the time, so it's important to check back often to look for specials. Whether you're looking for something brand-new or just getting the usual, we have the best marijuana products of the highest quality.  You can choose between buds, edibles, or concentrates.


    Edibles are specifically what they sound like, marijuana you can consume. They can be found in a range of confectionary creations, a lot of which have a THC concentration of 5 to 10mg per serving. Edibles are likewise offered in a cannabis pill type.

    Unlike smoked bud or evaporated cannabis, edibles can take one to 2 hours to end up being effective. However, they make up by lasting a bit longer than the smoked variation.


    The concentrate form of marijuana has a greater THC focus than the majority of others since the THC is separated from the plant utilizing a solvent such as ethanol, alcohol, or butane. The essence is made use of to make shatter, wax, tinctures, or oil.  You often see them in small concentrate pen forms.

    It is best to acquaint yourself with the various items offered so you can figure out the type of clinical cannabis items that work best for you. That way you can locate an item that is simple to utilize and interests you.  We can help you find the perfect match for your needs if you are not exactly sure what you want.

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